For various reasons, including a high likelihood of We Hate Movies releasing their own show about this movie this week (which means it warrants this double-critical kicking) as well as the edit of Terminator 2 being not quite done yet (because the film is incredible and deserves even more work than we've put in already) here is our scathing review of Terminator 3.

I rarely get to hear Joshua Garrity get angry and he went in quite placid and apathetic. Fortunately we managed to rile him up until an exceptionally entertaining stream of vitriol escaped to join our twin surges of disgust for this horrendous affront to cinema?

Think we're being too harsh? That's just because the neat ending made you forget the horrible journey. Let us remind you so that we can all see this for the stinker that it has always been.

If I'm right and WHM are indeed covering this as well then next Tuesday cannot come fast enough for me to see which points we all concur on.

Next week: Terminator 2 (For reals this time)

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Rather than our usual super-in-depth discussion Neil Taylor, James Perkins and I take Sharon (who hasn't seen the movie) through the full theme park experience of Jurassic World, from the first step out of the front door to the recovery on the ride home. 

Within the fiction of this story Jurassic Park has been operating for ten years as a paleolithic combination of Sea World and a safari park. To reinvigorate dwindling crowds the scienticians backstage create something called a "Whatcouldpossiblygowrongasaurus" made mostly of lethal, muscular animal cunning, teeth and hate.

Find out, along with Sharon, what happens.

Next week: Terminator 2

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Here it is folks. The first Terminator podcast in the run-up to Terminator Genisys. Jump forward 15 minutes if you've already seen the YouTube video "Everything Right With The Terminator". If you haven't, go see that first.

Josh Garrity of Cane and Rinse joins us to discuss this cyberpunk masterpiece. We turn over every aspect as we establish just how central to the web of sci-fi influence throughout the 80s and beyond this movie is.

Over the next few episodes we will cover Terminator 2, Terminator 3, Terminator Salvation and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, before finally tackling the newest reboot of the franchise.

Next week though; Jurassic World

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[Drift #67]

For some reason people keep comparing The Lost World with its sequel, trying to weigh them up to decide which is worse. Like there can be some final conclusion that can be set in stone for all the internet to agree upon. Really it comes down to personal preference. They both suck, HARD! Both of them are so out of the league of the original it's like a world heavyweight title fight followed by a playground scrap and then two ducks going at it. Both superfluous sequels have their spurious charms and their enormous weaknesses. In the case of III it's imbecilic characters, sloppy story and pace that kills itself just as it's starting to get going. But of course there's much more than that. Here now is what we thought of this treacherous fart of a finale to the series. Neil Taylor and James Perkins join us on cleanup. 

Listen to Tiger's Eye!

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[Drift #66]

The dinosaur escapades continue down a weird and tonally dissonant path as we venture into The Lost World. 

Neil Taylor joins our party, along with James Perkins again as we uncover the movie of the book that Michael Crichton was pressured into writing after the success of the first movie... the content of which was largely scrapped for what Sharon beautifully dubs in this episode "Benny Hill with dinosaurs."

You can see what that looks like on our YouTube channel with this new video:

We'll return in a week for the dismal sequel, which we tear to shreds like reviewing raptors. If you'd like to hear more from Neil and James then listen to GameBurst and AltViewMovies.

And if you want a real jungle adventure with characters you can actually engage with and even love, then listen to Tiger's Eye!

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[Drift #65]

One of the greatest movies of all time gets the Digital Drift treatment in good time to get everyone fired up for the first new installment we've had in this series in 14 years (and quite possibly the only other good one). 

Still as fresh and endlessly entertaining to us as it was back in 1993, this film is rarely out of our re-watching rotation, and as such i know it frame by frame and word by word.  So we take you through every scene and get to the bottom of why this is such an appealing and effective story. 

Joining us are Joshua Garrity of Cane and Rinse and The Animation Archives and James Perkins of GameBurst and Altviewmovies.  Next week: Why The Lost World is a steaming pile of dinosaur droppings. 

Listen to Tiger's Eye!

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[Drift #69]

We had planned to release The Lost World this week but Mad Max: Fury Road appeared out of nowhere and turned out to be rather special. So we broke suddenly, veered off the road, picked up a couple of passengers and thundered into an epic analysis review. 

We begin with a 45 minute discussion of the original Mad Max trilogy, all of which contain elements that found their way into this new incarnation. You can listen to that without spoiling the new movie, but then go see it and come back for the next act.

I lay down my thoughts on the meta-story that developed upon its release, specifically it's detractors and the symbolism that layers on as a result. After that we talk long and hard about every aspect of this astonishing and deeply surprising new blockbuster. Surprising both in how the story develops and its sheer quality and fulfilled ambition. This is a film we want absolutely everyone to see. 

Joshua Garrity of Cane and Rise and James Perkins of GameBurst and AltViewMovies on guesting duty provide brilliant insight and enthusiasm to the mix. Check out their shows. And we'll be back with the dinosaurs next week with The Lost World. 

Listen to Tiger's Eye!

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[Drift #64]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe reunites the whole team and then adds some more heroes and super-antagonists for good measure. Can such an immense collection of colourful personalities possibly be threaded cohesively into an even more elaborate juggling act that matches the original?

Once again we go deep on the characters, outlining what this means for the history and how it functions as a film. 

Joining Sharon and I once again are Joshua Garrity of Cane and rinse, Jerome McIntosh of GameBurst and Lorin Grieve of A Year of Steam. 

The next story in the New Century universes begins this week, so look for the rather special first episode of Tiger's Eye on iTunes and please do give us a review for Secret Rooms if you enjoyed it. That will help this ongoing audio drama series of ours gain visibility, traction and word of mouth. 

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[Drift #63]

On this very special episode (in the week I'm celebrating eight years in the podcasting game) I gathered Bob "Moviebob" Chipman, Parris Lilly of "Gamertag Radio" and Joe Cunningham of the "Cinematic Universe" podcast, and along with my wife and co-host Sharon Shaw we asked ourselves...  

Which are the seven most important superhero movies to date?  

Not our favourites, not best, most important.   

We debated them up and down the history and our conclusions may surprise you... or they may be the exact seven you chose in which case you have your finger well and truly on the pulse because we spent ages on this.   It's a brilliant episode and one I was so proud to host. A big thank you to our guests who brought all kinds of intelligent and reasoned viewpoints along with them. 

Be sure to check out the thread on this very subject on the forum and cast your vote. 

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[Drift #62]

As we gear up for Avengers: Age of Ultron, we look back on the only film focusing on one of them that we haven't yet reviewed.

So let's delve into Ang Lee's Hulk, one of the first HUGE Marvel movies and one that strove to be oh-so-grown-up.

Oh and this marks eight years of my podcasts. Tweet me your favourite moments from my shows with the hashtag #8YEARSOFALEX 

Next week for a very special, very epic show we're talking about the seven most important superhero movies of all time. We've brought in Bob "Moviebob" Chipman of Really That Good and Parris Lilly of Remember When, and we pick over pretty much every movie of historical significance focusing on what we agree are superheroes. 

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