We round out the series as it stands right now. The events of the film itself as the action thrill-ride it was originally intended take a back seat to what it ultimately became, with this poignant farewell to Paul Walker.

Neil Taylor returns for what may have been the most challenging film to express our feelings about in words.

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Returning to the welcoming bosom of Marvel, Sharon and I take a good hard look at the 2003 attempt at bringing The Man Without Fear to our screens.

Fox rather unwisely competed with Spider-Man at the time, leading to a rather troubled production, hence the hastily cobbled-together millennial rubber bouncy jumping action and the vast disparity between the somewhat nonsensical theatrical edition and the little-seen but more naratively-sound director's cut.

And then of course there's Ben Affleck as Matt Murdoch, slaloming between gravely-grim and smirking sex-pest. The costumes which range from the outlandish to party-wear, Michael Clarke Duncan's show-stealing turn as the Kingpin and yes, that playground fight. We always rather liked this movie.

It was made with comic book geeks in mind and filled with references, winks and nods. The soundtrack is very much of its time and punctuates this podcast and the film has become very dated when held up against modern superhero fare. BUT we don't think it deserves the scorn heaped upon it. Certainly not enough of a reason to dismiss Affleck as Batman, when this is actually pretty accurate to Frank Miller's Daredevil.

Next week... Furious 7.

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We reach the point when everything really slots into place and the F&F series reaches its potential at long last. This is one of the most astonishing, enjoyable movies about cars and family that you will ever see.   

Neil Taylor of GameBurst is back on the team again. We'll roll on over again in a couple of weeks to cover the seventh movie and close this out for now, but this has been one revelatory road trip for us all.

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We're back as the F&F series cranks into gear and becomes what it was meant to; a series of heist movies with a colourful, lovable cast of recurring characters and amazing stunts.

This was a case of all the pieces finally slotting into place. Enter The Rock as a powerhouse of a lawman named Hobbs, finally giving the films an antagonist worthy of Toretto. Re-enter Roman, Tej, Han, Gisele, Leo, Santos (played by Don Omar, who sang on several pieces of music accompanying the series, as did Ludacris).

Neil Taylor of GameBurst is back to ride with us again. You also get to hear me go into further detail as to why Power/Rangers was so offensive to my sensibilities. The podcast culminates in a lengthy essay read by Sharon, analyzing the male protagonists: 'The Fast and the Fatherless' written by Pastabagel on the Partial objects blog.

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[Drift #56]

Continuing our road trip through the F&F series, we get to the detour away from the main cast that was initially shunned by audiences but in retrospect is rather excellent as a stand-alone movie.

We move on to the return to the main cast that was initially embraced by audiences but in retrospect is dour and uneventful. Find out what drifting REALLY means.

Next week... Fast Five

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[Drift #55]

We're joined by Neil Taylor of GameBurst to review two movies from one of his very favourite series. When we recorded this first show we hadn't yet seen 5 or 6 (Sharon hadn't seen 3 or 4 either) so it's something of a discovery process for us.

Coming up... 

* Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift / Fast & Furious
* Fast Five
* The Fast and the Furious 6
* Furious 7

Find out over the course of the next few episodes if we're just middling on the car porn, jiggling auto-floozies and machismo-masking-vulnerability or in fact if we end up flippin' LOVING The Fast and the Furious.

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[Drift #54]

The Disney shows continue with Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits returning to talk about this little, wooden boy. 

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Here's the second part of our analysis of the Twilight saga. There's some really silly and occasionally genuinely troubling material in here, but also some surprisingly heartfelt moments that caught us offguard.

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To coincide with the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, Sharon and I went back to the source material with a pair of shows we've been sitting on for a year! We had to put Pinocchio on hod for this one but he'll be back in two weeks. 

In this initial volume we review the first three installments of the Twilight Saga. 

It's my theory that these books and films are the Nickelback of the literary and cinematic worlds, hated on general principle. Partly because in the eyes of many they pervert the mythos of the vampire, daring to make the suckers sparkle in the sun rather than exploding. Partly because of their immense popularity, which always creates a counter-culture. 

So Sharon and I dived in attempting to review the films themselves in a vacuum. Those who hate the films may hate this podcast because we're rather kind and enthusiastic. Those that love them will hate this podcast because we call them on the rubbish, the weaker elements and the more troubling aspects (especially in the two-part finale of Breaking Dawn). So welcome to a show nobody is going to love.

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[Drift #51]

Digital Drift Does Disney.

This is the first of a series of podcasts covering the full history of Disney's animated classics. Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits is with us every step of the way.

It is without question that animated cinematic features throughout the 20th Century were defined by this company. Learn more about the studio, the animators and how the animation techniques changed with the time, as well as what the world was doing when each film was released. Also find out which films we love, which ones we don't and more importantly, why.

This first one, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was their pilot of sorts. A proof of concept that also happens to be the perfect representation of a fairy-tale told absolutely straight with 1930s sensibilities and the tiniest, most naive children in mind. Alex isn't a huge fan, but he does like one character rather a lot. Dan is filled with admiration for how they could achieve this excellence first time, simply as part of their learning process. 

Since this is an unabashed analysis that pulls no punches, bad language is used but it is bleeped for the benefit of children. 

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